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As a resident of Raleigh, you know that a reliable HVAC system is essential to your comfort. We help you combat the hot and humid summers and the chilly winters with HVAC replacement and repair services.

From timely repairs that restore peace of mind to installing cutting-edge HVAC systems that optimize energy efficiency, we are committed to making every home a sanctuary of comfort and safety.

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Here’s how we help North Carolina homeowners thrive.
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Stop sitting around in scorching temperatures.

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Run a more efficient unit while lowering your energy bill.

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Prevent power outages from interrupting your life.

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All the Answers to Your HVAC Questions

Curious about Beam Airflow’s HVAC systems and backup generators? Read through our frequently asked questions.

When should I get my heating and cooling equipment serviced?

You should service your HVAC systems before each heating and cooling season begins. So service your air conditioner at the end of winter or start of spring and your heat pump or furnace at the end of summer or start of fall.

How frequently should I replace HVAC air filters?

You should replace your air filters every 1-3 months. If your AC is old, inefficient, or noisy, consider replacing the entire unit.

What is a heat pump system?

Heat pumps are energy-efficient HVAC systems that can heat and cool, reducing maintenance needs.

How does a heat pump system work?

Heat pumps work by extracting heat from the outside air in winter and transferring it indoors. In summer, they switch to cooling mode by reversing the process.

Can I save money by replacing only the outdoor unit of my old HVAC system?

In most cases, no. Older systems use Freon R-22, which has been replaced with the more efficient and environmentally friendly Freon R-410A (Puron). Additionally, today’s minimum SEER rating is 13, while older systems are rated 10 SEER and below. To ensure compatibility and efficiency, the entire system you’ll need to replace the entire system.

What are some ways I can more efficiently cool my home?

Upgrading your air conditioner to a newer, more efficient model is the best way to more efficiently cool your home. You can also have your air conditioner serviced annually to be sure it’s working at peak efficiency.